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Herba Vitae is a New Zealand based E-commerce store. We offer high-quality, holistically formulated, vegan health products to take care of your health in an increasingly polluted world. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. As an innovative New Zealand business, we are passionate about producing vegan-friendly, herbal supplements to help you meet your health goals in a natural and environmentally conscious way.

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Herba Vitae is focused on reducing the impact of global pollution and modern living on our health.

Our first product HERBreathe has been formulated by a Naturopath to boost immunity and reduce the impact of air pollution, pollen, dust, smoke and airborne toxins on the respiratory system. This makes it a perfect addition to your cold, flu or allergy prevention strategy.

We use only high-quality herbal extracts in our supplements. This means nature provides us with the best traditional health-boosting ingredients, which are free from preservatives and other nasty chemicals.

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HERBreathe 60caps

Herba Vitae New Zealand - HERBreathe

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