Our Values

At Herba Vitae our core values are:


  • Quality of products.

We aim to provide the highest quality of ingredients in our herbal products. We also aim to provide high quality formulations to holistically improve your health.

  • Environmental sustainability.

Taking care of our environment is of paramount importance Now more than ever. Herba Vitae, while only using natural ingredients in its products, also donates 25% of its net annual profits to charities focused on environmental protection, climate change and sustainability education. We cannot take care of our children without taking care of our planet.

  • Family-oriented health

Our products are designed with your family in mind.  We aim to ensure all our ingredients are safe to use during all stages of life. Our Children are the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow, so we must ensure their health and well-being for the generations to come.

  • Innovative.

Our herbal formulations are designed to combine traditional herbs,  and modern research to give you the best products for improve the health of you and your family.