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HERBreathe is a high-potency herbal respiratory and immune supplement, holistically formulated to boost  immunity and assist the lungs, sinuses and airways remain clear and open. Especially useful in times of respiratory stress, allergies, hayfever, for smokers or when air quality is poor.

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HERBreathe is a high-quality herbal respiratory and immune supplement. Using a high-potency and holistically formulated blend of herbs traditionally used to boost immunity and aid the lungs, sinuses and airways stay clear and open. Especially useful in times of immune stress, congestion, sniffles or when air quality is poor.

Respiratory irritations like hayfever, allergies, sinus infections as well as obvious ones like smoking, can cause inflammation and congestion in the airways. The effects can range from blocked nose and sinuses, to dry nonproductive coughs. Ensuring adequate support for the respiratory and immune systems is important in helping to support their natural functions.

With the high-potency blend of Echinacea, Mullein, and Ribwort, this product provides triple-action herbal support to help encourage healthy respiratory and immune function.
All three herbs are anti-inflammatory helping to reduce the impact of irritations and inflammation in the respiratory airways.

Best results are observed when taken daily during times of immune and/or respiratory stress.

Each Capsule Contains:

Echinacea extract- A widely known immune boosting herb which also has immune modulating effects – useful in allergies and autoimmune conditions. While also being an anti-inflammatory, it is often used to help increase resistance to infection, especially in the upper respiratory tract.
Echinacea purpurea Root extract 165mg – equiv dry herb 1.65grams.

Mullein extract- This herb is a well-known expectorant, which helps the lungs clear mucous, debris and particulate matter. Its main areas of actions are within the trachea, bronchi and deeper lungs.
Verbascum thapsus leaf extract 215mg – equiv dry herb 2.15grams.

Ribwort extract – Ribwort has potent anti-inflammatory effects, especially in the areas of the sinuses. It also has antiviral activity and is most active in reducing congestion in the nasal passages.
Plantago lanceolata leaf extract 165mg – equiv dry herb 1.65grams.

Contains Vegan magnesium stearate and silica as capsulating aids.

Safety Information:

HERBreathe is safe to use in pregnancy and during lactation.

Avoid if taking immune-suppressant drugs, due to Echinacea’s immune stimulating effects.

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